Interoperable Loyalty Program SolutionsOur smart loyalty points solutions help loyalty program operators - from credit cards, airlines, hotels to e-commerce platforms - to quickly scale earn & burn partnerships, by leveraging smart contracts and DLT to create programmable loyalty point ecosystem.
How it worksUnlock the full value of loyalty programs & data with programmable loyalty rewards
Launch Faster
Loyalty Operators and merchants build earn & burn partnerships without expensive & time consuming paperwork. Create reward campaigns faster using seamless multi-party workflows & no-code tools. Instantly integrate with multiple data sources & consumer applications using APIs. 
Drive Growth
Build and embed reward rules based on multiple knowledge graphs, without ever sharing customer data with external parties. Embed mathematical, local and behavior based operators. Collaborate with others to jointly fund reward economics to achieve intended outcomes.
Lower CAC
Merchants and loyalty operators can reduce reward costs by collaborating to jointly fund the economics of rewards. Loyalty operators onboard new customers on the program thru partners. Partner merchants increase their reach by accessing the operator's network.
Increase LTV
Partner merchants offer rewards which are targeted and relevant for their customers. Loyalty operators increase the relevance of the reward points by building an earn & burn ecosystem or partner merchants.
Loyalty OperatorsIncrease avenues for customers to earn & burn loyalty points.
Loyalty Reward TokenizationIssue multi-party programmable rewards on blockchains with our no-code tokenization console. Tokenize loyalty points, exclusive rewards and loyalty cards. Define rules which execute rewards automatically.
Merchant PartnersOffer high utility loyalty rewards to customers & create stickiness
Self Service ConsoleApply to be an earn/burn partner of a loyalty program operator. Create fully programmable loyalty programs, reward points & rewards with ease. Port your existing loyalty program with a completely no code system.
Knowledge Graphs
Create smart rewards without sharing dataIntegrate off chain data from data lakes & external applications to program rewards. Create graphs with differentiated access and permissions to enable multi-party programmability without sharing data with external parties.Tokenized DataData from the graphs is never stored on the platform. Data is accessed using API calls before being encrypted & tokenized.Smart Contract LogicData based logic & mathematical decision making is embedded inside rewards, at the reward design phase. Actioning of this logic is based on tokenized data.
Multi-party Programming
Build smart rewards on a complete set of multi-party dataMerchant partners can collaborate with issuers to jointly reward customers based on data attributes sourced from multiple data graphs.Jointly Funded RewardsMultiple parties can split the cost of rewards by programming their own unique set of rules & logic in rewards which are executed based on triggers coming from their internal systems or actions by customers.GamificationCreate campaigns targeting a unique set of customers based on their profiles, actions & behaviors across channels by sharing target criteria sub-graphs.
Any type of MerchantPartner with merchants in different categories
Long Tail MerchantsLong Tail MerchantsAdd exclusivity for your top tier members.
Creator EconomyCreator EconomyOffer Earn partnerships to creators. Build new category of rewards avenues & increase “freshness” towards new demographics.  
SME MerchantsSME MerchantsAdd everyday utility to your rewards.
Customer ApplicationsIntegrate rewards seamlessly with customer applicationsSeamlessly connect existing consumer applications with your console using APIs and ready made component libraries. Onboard and manage customer accounts to blockchain at scale using permissioned IAM wallet APIs.
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