Infrastructure for Programmable AssetsMake any asset smarter - from trade receivables to loyalty points - by unlocking multi-party collaboration and enabling instant origination, transfer and servicing, in a secure and low cost manner.
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Our AdvantageProduction ready, full stack solutions for institutionsReduce resource commitment. Accelerate time to market.Our full stack infrastructure allows institutions to get started instantly without the need to onboard multiple vendors and technology providers, saving them valuable time and engineering resources, in implementing production ready solutions.
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Market Ready
Use case specific applications covering the full lifecycle of asset & data - from managing large scale multi party digital transformation projects to deploying solutions for issuance, servicing & distribution of tokenized assets - accelerating time to market.
Re-Built for Privacy
We re-imagined & re-built every aspect of applications, services & infrastructure required by institutions to comply with regulatory requirements on privacy & permissioning, without compromising on scalability & future readiness of our solutions.
Single console to provide the tools & flexibility to customize everything as per institutional needs. Manage blockchains with custom toolkits & IAM enabled smart wallets, design user journey across multiparty workflows or create data lake integrations - with ease.
Built for BusinessPlug and play applications, infrastructure & servicesOur infrastructure & solutions can be deployed by business teams quickly, in a fully No Code implementation, requiring minimal IT support.
Use Case ApplicationsUse case applications with multi-party features & smart contract level data privacy. Fully customizable design for data & financial assets, approvals and workflows to suit institutional processes and regulatory demands, along with API based knowledge graphs for data lake integrations.
ServicesTools, APIs and SDKs essential for institutions to operate blockchain based applications. Built for instant scalability with customisation features to suit institutional & regulatory demands on privacy, permissioning & data safety.
Blockchain SolutionsBuild & manage custom blockchains designed for institutional needs. Single console to operate multiple chains across protocols, clouds and regions. Complete flexibility and choice on privacy, permissions and configurations. 
Assets without BordersUnlock the full value of data & assets by transcending traditional boundariesInterconnected ApplicationsConnect your blockchain and tokenization applications with other institutions. Increase liquidity and widen distribution of your tokenized assets.Interoperable AssetsTokenize any asset on a common issuance standard (ERC). Increase acceptance of your assets across venues & enable cross asset collaterlization.
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Deploy market ready applications for data & assets

XaltsGlobal Trade

Digitally transform the entire economic value chain for trade finance - from origination & servicing to downselling of trade assets using blockchains.


Simplify origination, operations & downselling of debt products by integrating multiple data pipes & processes across different parties using blockchains.

XaltsDigital Transformation

Digitally transform & automate multi-party collaboration, programmability, data sharing & transactions by designing and deploying customized processes & workflows.


Interoperable loyalty ecosystems built natively on blockchains, to effortlessly scale merchant partnerships and unlock the true value of loyalty programs.

XaltsAsset ManagementComing Soon

Coming Soon

Streamline fund operations, scale distribution, enhance the collateral value & create bespoke portfolio products - by natively issuing investment funds on blockchain.

Customize all essential building blocks to suit your requirements

XaltsIAM Wallet

Multi-chain MPC Smart Wallets with account abstraction for organizations to build & deploy scalable blockchain applications with permission controls & seamless user experience for multiple stakeholders.


Fully customisable, cloud based indexer service enabled for deployment at client cloud, indexing multiple chains at scale. Get a holistic view of on-chain data, build cross chain insights & enhance inhouse analytics capabilities.


Omnichain, permissioned & privacy enabled block explorers built for institutions to design fully customizable user experience for multiple stakeholders. API stack for integration with analytics tools and data pipes.


Private, permissioned distributed file storage protocols adopted for data localization laws and compliance. Multi region, multi cloud hosting with integrations to explorers and tokenization applications.

No tradeoff on privacy, permissions & security


Launch & manage custom blockchains across different protocols and configurations. Deploy multi-cloud, multi-region nodes within minutes. Manage access permissions & privacy. Seamlessly manage everything with a single console.

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