Blockchain infrastructure for financial services

Everything financial institutions need to get started with blockchains - from setting up & operating customized, private blockchains to developing tokenization applications - in a single stack.

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The full suite of building blocks for tokenization

We bring together a unified, plug & play infrastructure that allows institutions to start building blockchain applications. Using low-code/ no-code development tools, teams can get started instantly without worrying about integrations with internal systems, in a regulated and compliant manner.

Our infrastructure suite allows institutions to deploy private blockchains customized for their requirements, build tokenization applications for multiple types of assets & use cases, connect on-chain workflow to off-chain systems, processes & user applications - without spending material time & cost on engineering.

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Supercharge your development teams & accelerate your tokenization journey

Building blockchain applications require financial institutions to comply with regulatory requirements on data sharing, privacy & safety. This leads to the need for customisations in the blockchain along with integrating off-chain systems in tokenization applications.

We built our infrastructure specifically keeping in mind these needs. Your development teams get everything as an out-of-the-box solution to start building quickly & customize as per business requirements, reducing the time to market from years to days.

Open Capital Network

Network of private blockchains. Built for the needs of regulated finance.

No Crypto

Blockchains as a SaaS utility. Gas fee as subscriptions, paid in fiat currency.


Transaction data privacy along with private white listed validators.

White Listed

Not a hard fork. Build on top of public EVM blockchains.

Out Of The Box

All operational infrastructure including indexer & block explorers

Low-code Tokenization Platform

Quick & easy development of tokenization applications in a no/low code environment


Pre-built assets, features, functions, utilities & UI.


APIs & SDKs for integrating tokenization applications with existing systems & processes.


Build Tokenization applications across the lifecycle of financial products.


Built-in functionality to embed legal prose in tokens.

Why xalts?

Faster, cheaper & compliant blockchain infrastructure to modernize your applications

Bank-grade blockchain infrastructure designed with a compliance-first approach.
No upfront cost. Build, iterate and deploy for free. Pay as you scale.
Single technology stack. Start building in minutes with a low-code, no-code environment.

Universal digital standard for all financial assets - from debt to investment funds

Interconnected ApplicationsConnect your blockchain and tokenization applications with other institutions. Increase liquidity and widen distribution of your tokenized assets.
Interoperable AssetsTokenize any asset on a common issuance standard (ERC). Increase acceptance of your assets across venues & enable cross asset collateralization.

Application modules to supercharge your business - from consumer finance to capital markets

Ready to get started? Explore how our solutions are transforming your asset class & business.

Debt Securitization

Applications for banks, securities firms, fintechs & financing firms

Asset Management

Applications for asset managers (PE, VC, Hedge Funds) & fund distributors

Carbon Credits

Applications for carbon credit registries, projects & marketplace operators

Loyalty as a Service

Applications for merchant acquirers, credit card issuers & payment apps

Accelerate your blockchain journey.

Modernize your applications to a more interconnected & interoperable ecosystem.

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