Global Trade & Receivable FinanceDigitally transform multi-party value chains for global trade financingStreamline Global Trade, Receivable and Supply Chain financing by seamlessly integrating multiple parties, workflows & processes critical to the financial asset lifecycle - from origination & servicing to downselling.
Digitally originate supply chain & trade financing products. Integrate all paperwork, approval processes, internal systems and channels with customized blockchain applications.  
Integrate multiparty workflows & systems - from internal operations, risk & settlements to third party vendors critical to the lifecycle of the financing.
Downsell origination to institutional investors and reduce balance sheet intensity of trade finance business. Remove opacity from the asset by providing investors a look-thru in lifecycle.
Atomically emit lifecycle events of the financing across multiple parties, on a need-to-know basis. Reduce redundancy and duplication and introduce transparency across the value chain.
How it works
OriginationDesign and originate innovative trade finance products - from letters of credit to supply chain financing. Simplify origination by integrating multiple data pipes, approval processes & paperwork with blockchains.Digitisation & TransparencyDigitise trade financing process, reduce duplication and provide transparency and visibility to all relevant parties.InnovateCreate bespoke products to suit client needs, within minutes by collaborating with multiple teams and third party providers.
ApprovalCreate and execute approval processes for different lifecycle events, across multiple internal and external teams.Audit TrailCreate a unified audit trail across all processes and parties involved in the financingModular DesignBuild multi step approval processes for different teams. Reuse across workflows.
Inform relevant partiesInstantly inform all connected parties relevant to financing to ensure transparency and seamless execution.Multi-party WorkflowsIntegrate multiparty workflows & systems - from internal operations, risk & settlements to third party vendors critical to the lifecycle of the financing.CollaborationEnable collaboration between relevant parties and accelerate all connected processes.
Trigger lifecycle workflowsTrigger multiparty workflows - from internal operations, risk & settlements to third party vendors critical to the lifecycle of the financing.Atomic TraceabilityTrack progress at different stages of financing.Audit TrailsMaintain a tamper proof audit trail, updated by multiple teams and parties involved.
DownsellDownsell trade finance origination to institutional investors using multiple private and consortium venues. Reduce risk weighted assets by transforming trade finance into a fee income business.TransparencyRemove opacity from the asset by providing investors a look-thru in lifecycle.StreamlineRemove the requirement for SPVs and multiple intermediaries.Investment ProductsProvide innovative investment products to end investors.
Atomically emit eventsAll relevant parties and teams - from borrower & lender teams to third party vendors - can instantly emit updates about the lifecycle progress of the financing & maintain a golden source of truth.Operational EfficiencyReduce duplication, operational costs & time involved in sharing data & updates in the process.Need to knowProgram multi-party data sharing only with relevant parties in the process.
Customize Everything
Custom design the entire lifecycle of trade finance assetsDigitally transform & automate multi-party collaboration, data sharing & transactions by designing and deploying customized processes & workflows for entire lifecycle of trade financing - from origination, asset servicing spanning multiple parties to downselling.
InnovateSeamlessly incorporate ESG standards in across trade financing productsSeamlessly incorporate ESG standards in different financing products - from loans to supply chain financing - by embedding multi-party audit and reporting data for the entire lifecycle of the financing. 
MRV DataReduce operation costs by integrating multi-party data measurement, reporting & verification (MRV) technology from multiple independent vendors and auditors & embedding data directly in the financial instrument.Audit TrialsIncorporate tamper proof audit trails for ESG data across the entire duration of financing.Validate ESG impactProgram the financial instrument with data reporting & third party audit requirements - providing greater transparency. 
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