Open Capital Network

Institutional network of private blockchains, purpose built for the needs of financial institutions. Institutions of all sizes - from large banks to fintechs - can setup, customize and deploy their own private blockchains, within hours.

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Blockchain framework for financial services

Interconnected & interoperable private blockchains

Open Capital Network is a framework that enables financial institutions to build their own private blockchains with unique & distinct features, on top of public EVM chains - in a safe & compliant manner.

Interconnected & Interoperable

All private chains in Open Capital Network have the option to connect with each other using a common data messaging system, which ensures interoperability of tokens across blockchains in the network.

Customize for your needs

Every chain shares some common features such as non-cryptocurrency gas economics while maintaining distinct privacy settings, validators & customisable infrastructure such as block explorers.

Out-of-the-box implementation

Save engineering time & cost to build your blockchain

Simplify the process of setting up, customization and deployment of private blockchains. Using a single console & collection of APIs, institutions can start their blockchain journey within hours and for no cost, saving valuable engineering resources.

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Out of the box

Get everything - from indexer implementation to block explorers - to operate your blockchain.


Deploy based on your own unique permissioning and data privacy requirements. Change your settings without any disruption.

Deploy quick

Start running your private blockchain within hours. Integrate with internal systems using APIs.

Save cost

No need to spend resources building from scratch. Start free and pay as transactions on your chain scale.


Built keeping in mind the needs of regulated finance

No Crypto

Pay gas fee for transactions using credits, which are available in form of subscription packages in fiat currency.

White Listed Validators

No upfront cost. Build, iterate and deploy for free. Pay as you scale.


Single technology stack. Start building in minutes with a low-code, no-code environment.


No hard forks. Your chain is compatible with public EVM chains. No development costs for chain upgrades.


Whitelist who deploys smart contracts on your chain. Lower the risk of hacking.

Cost & Speed

Less than $0.01 per transaction. Network speed between 2k-4k TPS.

Best of both worlds

Public chain safety, interoperability & interconnectivity. Private chain permissioning & privacy customizations.

Open Capital Network framework allows institutions to incorporate the best features of public blockchain infrastructure - safety, interoperability & interconnectivity, while maintaining private blockchain level of data privacy & compliance customisations.


On Open Capital Network, private blockchains are configured as side chains that run on public blockchains. This gives them greater security vs. forks, private networks & private ethereum clients.

Interoperable Assets

All issuance tokens follow the most widely used digital asset standard - Ethereum Request for Comment such as ERC-20, ERC 721, ERC 1155.